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Lead Testing for Real Estate Professionals


We are here to help you do several things:

  • Provide information about lead within a property to satisfy lender requirements
  • Give your buyers important information about lead, to help guide their purchase decisions
  • Protect the health of your clients.

Reasons to haveĀ Minnesota Lead Testers perform testing for your clients:

  • We are licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) giving the most credibility to clients, attorneys, and government agencies. Showing that you have accurate test results.
  • When XRF testing, we typically test 120-150 test locations for an average home, to properly document the lead levels.
  • We create the report and send it to you or your client in PDF format the same day we test.

Types of testing:

  • XRF testing to document the location and quantity of lead in building components Sample test Report
  • Dust sampling/Clearance testing
  • Risk Assessment

Cost of testing:

Give us the address, and we will give you the exact cost of testing that property.